Traditional Alsatian villages

Colmar - village traditionnel

Colmar, The Alsatian Little Venice

Walk through the streets of Colmar to discover the buildings that have retained the typical features of Alsatian architecture. Colmar is part of the essential step in your Alsatian trip!

KAYSERSBERG -Village Traditionnel Alsacien

Kaysersberg, Tourist sites of the favorite village of the French 2017

Come and venture to Kaysersberg, voted the favorite village of the French in 2017, to discover half-timbered houses, vineyards and Alsatian gastronomy. Discover a rich cultural heritage through its museums, religious buildings and military sites.
Ferrette-Sundgau - Village traditionnel

The territory of Sundgau, a Paradise for Bicycle®

The Sundgau, South Alsace, paradise of the bike®, is a set of 9 courses is nearly 300 km of marked discovery circuits allowing you, in all serenity, to travel in one of the most beautiful regions of Alsace, authentic, mysterious and unspoiled mass tourism.

SAINTES-MARIE-AUX-MINES, The silver mines village

The city of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines is very popular for its silver mines accessible by the Tellure Mine Park. It is also possible to visit many museums, temples and churches.
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