The territory of Sundgau, a Paradise for Bicycle®

The Sundgau, South Alsace, paradise of the bike®, is a set of 9 courses is nearly 300 km of marked discovery circuits allowing you, in all serenity, to travel in one of the most beautiful regions of Alsace, authentic, mysterious and unspoiled mass tourism.

Tourist sites of SUNDGAU

Altkirch - Sundgau


The city is home to the Sundgauvien museum et the Rhenish Center of Contemporary Art to discover all year round. The Saint Morand Priory, Notre-Dame Church, the old ramparts of the city and other medieval remains reflect its cultural and architectural diversity. You will find at the Tourist Office a tourist map to discover the city for yourself. Modern city with an original spirit, strong of a dynamic commercial fabric, numerous and varied cultural events are proposed throughout the year such as the Enchanted Forest in december, the Music Dayand the Sound ‘ Go Festival in summer, concerts and many other shows carried by the energetic local associations.

The roads of fried carp

Fried carp is the typical culinary specialty of Sundgau. It gave its name to a tourist route, The Routes of the Fried Carp, which is today a Remarkable Site of Taste, awarded by the National Council of Culinary Arts.

Discovering the Sundgau can not be imagined without tasting this typical specialty. Served with a salad, fries, always with lemon and mayonnaise, the carp is eaten with your fingers.

Eager to share local traditions, some thirty restaurants, with their traditional know-how, have come together in the Association “Sundgau, Routes of the Fried Carp”.

Hirtzbach - Sundgau


Village classified out of competition Four Flowers since 1981 without interruption, Hirtzbach was honored in 2001 of the national price of the tree. More recently, the municipality has added to its long list of honors the award of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Office interprofessional fruit, vegetables and horticulture.

It is the just reward for the special attention and care that the Commune brings to its high-quality heritage, whether in urban areas, including the inescapable Charles de Reinach Park, as well as within its agrarian landscape.

Typically Sundgauvian village crossed by a brook at the edge of which rises beautiful half-timbered houses richly flowered and a lane of lime trees. While walking in the park Charles de Reinach, one can admire the last cooler of Sundgau, beautiful remarkable trees and the 145 doors and windows of the castle of Reinach.

Do not miss the 1st weekend of August The Festival of Nature, a big festival of streets organized over two days that animates the entire village.

Ferrette - Sundgau


Small city nestled at the foot of his castle, the city of the powerful Counts of Ferrette is nestled on the foothills of the Alsatian Jura. This city with a prestigious past will charm you with its narrow and romantic paths that lead to the proud ruins of Ferrette Castlee and the mysterious Cave of the Dwarves where a famous legend is told. The City of the Counts finished eighth in the ranking of favorite French villages in 2015.

Everything in this city refers to the history of the Counts of Ferrette who founded the most powerful seigniories in almost sovereign state for nearly two centuries in the Middle Ages. Today, Prince Albert II of Monaco still bears the title of Count of Ferrette because of the marriage of his ancestor Grimaldi in 1777 with the heiress of Mazarin. Come and discover this charming little town, its castle, its church and town hall classified, its Tourist Office, its many walking trails without forgetting its Dwarven Cave hidden at the foot of an impressive limestone gorge.

Le château du Landskron - Sundgau

Landskron Castle

The castle Landskron, perched on a hill from Sundgau to Leymen, is classified historical monuments since 1932. Its ruins, the best preserved of South Alsace, present from the top of the historic dungeon a magnificent panorama of the surroundings.

Just a stone’s throw from the Swiss border, the original castle of the late 13th century. was first transformed in the 16th century. by the Habsburgs. The redoubts and bastions at the lower entrance of the castle clearly identify the military developments made by Vauban. It is destroyed only in the Napoleonic era. Free visit all year.

Le château du Morimont - Sundgau

The Castle of Morimont

Nestled in lush greenery, the castle Morimont is mentioned for the first time in 1183 and controlled the upper valley of the river. It was destroyed during the Thirty Years War by French troops. In 1826, a group of Jura patriots swore an oath to liberate their country from the Bernese yoke to form a new canton, which was the case in 1978.

Free visit of the ramparts, watchtowers, an exceptional vaulted cellar whose dimensions make it unique in Alsace. A path allows to go around the castle.

Balades et randonnées dans le Sundgau

Walks and hikes in the Sundgau

The Sundgau is also an ideal area for hiking. It presents biotopes very varied and accessible to the greatest number. From the first mountains of the Jura Alsacien to the green hills of the valleys of the Ill and Largue, you will find suddenly the ride adapted to your desires, at your own pace …

Le domaine VTT du Sundgau

The Sundgau mountain bike area

Newly equipped with a vastmountain bike with 33 circuits for more than 700 km of routes, the Sundgau is undoubtedly a land of choice for mountain biking. Very varied backgrounds can offer family and sports circuits. Many clubs organize every year popular events where they offer several varied courses, family and very friendly since embellished with plenty of supplies.

If you want to organize a mountain bike holiday in the Sundgau or simply a mountain bike day, contact the Tourist Office where Vianney mountain guide will provide you with tailored and personalized advice.

So do not hesitate! Come and discover the Sundgau, mountain bike paradise!

Le Centre Rhénan d'Art contemporain à Altkirch - Sundgau

The Rhine Center for Contemporary Art in Altkirch

The “CRAC Alsace” is a contemporary art center dedicated to research and creation which, through the design of exhibitions, editions and specific mediation actions, strives to support artistic production by promoting encounter between the public, the artists and the works.

Le Musée du Sapeur-Pompier à Vieux-Ferrette - Sundgau

The Firemen's Museum in Vieux-Ferrette

The Firemen’s Museum in Vieux-Ferrette: one of the largest firefighting museums in France. It takes again, completes and modernizes the prestigious collection presented before at the Railway museum in Mulhouse from 1978 to 2003. Two halls (1100 and 1200 m2) including shop windows, a shop, a library … Of vehicles on wheels, a hundreds of equipment (equipment, clothing, unusual objects …), a complete telephone exchange, public fire alarms …

The Sundgauvien Museum in Altkirch

The Sundgauvien Museum in Altkirch: Housed in a beautiful Renaissance building, the residence of the old bailiffs, the Sundgauvien Museum presents the history, life, customs of the South of Alsace and more particularly Sundgau.

Le Musée Paysan à Oltingue - Sundgau

The Peasant Museum in Oltingue

The Peasant Museum in Oltingue: This museum has an original history: created by a priest loving his soil and eager to save the witnesses and customs of yesteryear. It is installed in a beautiful restored peasant house. The collections revolve around several themes: crafts, domestic life, agricultural life, religious life, and retrace the lives of peasants in the Sundgau in the 19th and early 20th century, a world that seems far away nowadays …

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